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In 1978, Mr. Richard Sanders, '29 of Atlanta GA, collaborated with Otterbein and the members of Tau Epsilon Mu to create the Martie Shawen Allaman Scholarship fund. This scholarship has grown to provide dozens of Talisman women with financial assistance during their college years. 

In 2017, we launched a campaign to raise $25,000 to sustain the scholarship fund for our active members through Otterbein called the Tau Epsilon Mu Endowment. Thanks to the generous support of all of you, we hit our goal! 

You can continue to donate through Otterbein via or you can click the donate button below.

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TEM Alumnae endowment Donors
121 Unique Donors, we thank you!


Mr. and Mrs. H. Eugene Pflieger -1949

Mrs. Ruby Hall Berry -1986

Mrs. Jane Morrison Horn -1950

Mrs. Sherri Puderbaugh Sutter -1986

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hastings -1954

Mrs. Julia Graver Harrison -1988

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland D. King -1954

Mrs. Susan Gaskell Merryman -1988

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Driever -1956

Mr. and Ms. Daniel Wolford -1989

Dr. Allen N. Kepke -1957

Mrs. Jan Waibel Jones -1989

Mrs. Eve Miller Farrell -1957

Ms. Jennifer Nichols Day -1989

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Rusk -1960

Mrs. Kimberly Fry Smitley -1990

Mrs. Dorothy Sardinha Pickering -1960

Mrs. Melissa McTygue Lutz -1990

Mrs. Marlene Lembright Stillson -1960

Mrs. Victoria Schafer McDonald -1990

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gebhart -1961

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Lauderback -1991

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Wright -1962

Mrs. Brenda Frey Kraner -1991

Mrs. Carol Johannesen Colville -1962

Mrs. Christine Whitaker Warner -1991

Mrs. Mary Alice Parks Busick -1962

Ms. Lisa Donato Eschbacher -1991

Ms. Barbara Glor Martin -1962

Mrs. Marie Sponsler Richards -1992

Ms. Jean Erichsen Parker -1962

Mrs. Michele Frank Thompson -1992

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Hoover -1964

Ms. Christine Elizabeth Lorello -1992

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Case -1964

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gastineau -1993

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Beck -1964

Ms. Amy Fribley McKinlay -1993

Rev. and Mrs. R. V. Parsons -1964

Mrs. Kimberly Colvin Rotthoff -1994

Lt. Col. and Mrs. John C. Peters -1965

Mrs. Nicole Jordan McKenzie -1994

Mrs. Joan Souder Morrow -1965

Mrs. Shasta Hochstetler Mast -1994

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Creamer -1966

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Hauswald -1994

Mrs. Bonnie Reams Paul -1966

Ms. Michelle Leigh Watts -1994

Mr. and Mrs. Glen R. Calihan -1967

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Allen Meyers -1995

Mrs. Susanne Rosenberger Hubrig -1967

Mrs. Alyce Douce Elbert -1995

Dr. and Mrs. Gary C. Reich -1968

Mrs. Traci Brown Leopold -1995

Mrs. Charma Moreland Behnke -1968

Mrs. Tiffany J. Geiger -1996

Mrs. Eileen Coad Hodson -1968

Dr. Tracy Renee Worrell -1997

Mrs. Luzerne Sprague Spicer -1968

Ms. Melissa Ann Schemmel -2001

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Stohrer -1969

Ms. Jaimie Lynn Knittle -2002

Mrs. Jane Whearty McMeekin -1969

Ms. Jennifer Lee Phillips -2004

Ms. Dianne Fisher Abbott -1969

Mrs. Erica Abbot Daft -2004

Mrs. Carol MacKenzie Kruger -1970

Ms. Carissa Rose Hershey -2004

Mrs. Jan Keller Smith -1970

Mrs. Amanda M. Green -2005

Dr. Jurgen K. Rieger & Ms. Wanda Boykin -1971

Ms. Kelley Renee Youman -2005

Mrs. Barbara MacKenzie Campbell -1971

Ms. Jessica Elizabeth Snell -2006

Ms. Amy Luek -1971

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Vermilion -2008

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Bartlett -1972

Mr. and Mrs. Verathai Sribanditmongkol -2008

Mrs. Jean Moore Smith -1972

Mrs. Megan Robideau O'Dell -2009

Mrs. Catherine Fisher Manly -1973

Mrs. Stephanie Perry Staudt -2009

Mrs. Marilyn M. Vilums -1973

Ms. Natalie Elise Harper -2009

Mrs. Patricia Fletcher Saks -1973

Mrs. Amanda Lynn Foraker -2010

Mrs. Claudia Smith Brennan -1974

Ms. Chelci Dele Fauss-Johnson -2010

Mrs. Leslie Bohrmann Long -1974

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Ferut -2010

Dr. Nita Louise Seibel -1975

Ms. Jillian Kelsey Fair -2011

Mrs. Jan Moore Bache -1975

Ms. Margaret Ann Murray -2011

Mrs. Susan Fast Brady -1976

Ms. Lauren E Hofmann -2014

Mr. and Mrs. M. Keith Jones -1978

Ms. Rebecca Ann Hartle -2014

Mrs. Beverly Wolboldt Couch -1978

Ms. Jordan Marie Abbruzzese -2015

Mrs. Kimberlee Louise Wilcox -1979

Ms. Kristen Nicole Davis -2015

Mrs. Pamela Harden Hilgert -1980

Ms. Megan Camille Foust -2015

Ms. Cathleen J. McCarthy Holdrieth -1980

Ms. Audrey Kathryn Vrancken -2016

Mrs. Debbie Besst-Rowland -1981

Ms. Julia Tegge -2018

Mrs. Kathleen Moreland Scott- 1981

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rush

Mrs. Shirley Lang Graham -1981

Mrs. Kristen M. Marvin

Mrs. Duneen Whitworth DeVore -1982

Benevity Causes Inc.

Mrs. Michele Burns Betten -1983

State Auto Insurance Companies

Ms. Juli Fisher Harper -1983

FH Holdings, LLC.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. McLoughlin -1984

Lois M. Sommer Trust

Mrs. Heidi Matzke Kellett -1986

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