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tau epsilon mu sorority

Our history


Tau Epsilon Mu Sorority was founded in 1914 by a group of seven women.  Inspired by the book, Everybody’s Lonesome, they translated this into Greek: Tosauti eise monai, directly meaning “so many people are alone.”  The first three letters of the Greek words are T-E-M.  Taking those three letters and finding the Greek pronunciation for them the name Tau Epsilon Mu was created.  The girls wanted to have a more common name to be called and chose the Talisman, which means “good luck charm.”  

In 1917, it was requested by President Clippinger that all social groups were to be disbanded. The members of TEM buried the constitution in the cemetery by Alum Creek. 

In 1921, fraternal groups were recognized on campus. Then in 1922, the founding mothers returned back to campus, determined to activate their old sorority.  The girls wrote to five prospective candidates and all the girls decided to reactivate.

Mary Elizabeth Brewbaker was elected the president.  In 1922, a teacher and friend to the girls, Alma Guitner, was invited to become the first sponsor of the sorority and she accepted.

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